In North Bay, we have intense winters. Our temperature drops significantly and so does our humidity. Cold, dry air from the arctic blows down and, even if your property is directly on a lake, there’s just not much moisture in the air. You can fix that with a whole home humidifier that can restore the moisture in your air to healthy levels. But why would you want to? What are the benefits of having a humidifier in the winter? Here’s what you should expect if you invest in a humidifier.

1. Comfortable Airways

Dry winter air can feel refreshing at first. However, breathing in dry air over the long term will strip the moisture out of your nose, mouth, and lungs. This can range from being a simple annoyance that makes you cough more often, to being a serious problem. If you have existing airway problems, including conditioners like asthma and COPD, then always breathing in dry air can make your symptoms worse. Adding a humidifier won’t cure you but it can make your symptoms easier to manage. Breathing in general may be more comfortable.

2. Less Static Shock

Does it seem like every time you brush your hair or touch your sink or another metal surface you get that sharp static shock? This can be especially annoying in the winter when you need to wear coats and scarves and every touch is an invitation for static shocks. You can use dryer sheets to try to keep it under control, but when it’s very bad low humidity is often the cause. Restoring moisture to the air will remove the conditions necessary for most of these shocks and make winter hair and dress much more comfortable.

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3. More Heat in the Air

While it may sound counter-intuitive, putting moisture back in the air actually helps make it feel warmer. Wetter air retains heat, making the most of every degree that your furnace produces. And, the same temperature will be more comfortable in more moist air. The opposite is true in summer, of course.

4. Relief for Skin and Dryness Issues

Your skin and eyes are also not beyond the moisture-stripping effect of very low humidity. If you have to buy eye drops in the winter, slather on moisturizer, or deal with more serious flare-ups of other skin and eye conditions, then a humidifier can really help you. If your symptoms are just the result of dryness a humidifier can fix them. If you have an underlying condition, proper humidity levels can make it easier to manage.

5. Protect Wood and Furnishings

When the air is dry it pulls out moisture from everything, including the wood in your home. Wood flooring and furniture will be safe from damage with the right humidity levels.

Are you looking to purchase a humidifier to keep your indoor air quality comfortable during the cold winter months? We have just what you’re looking for. Contact our team at Noll ClimateCare today.

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