Mini Spilt Air Conditioners Cycle On & Off

When you first get a mini split air conditioner there are many things you may be surprised about, like how your utility bill is. You also might be surprised to hear your mini split running constantly, or almost constantly. If your central air conditioner ran for that long, you’d be worried. So, is there something wrong with your mini split? Or do mini split air conditioners not cycle on and off? It depends on the kind that you have. Essentially, there is a basic and an inverted mini split, and they run differently. Here’s what you need to know. 

How Does a Mini Split Air Conditioner Work? 

While many other kinds of cooling units can only be on or off, most mini splits have a middle ground. They can produce just slightly cold air or very cold air. This allows them to adjust to your settings and bring your home down to the right temperature faster if there is a big difference between your settings and the current temperature of the room. 

Mini split air conditioners are also designed to run for longer periods of time than most other air conditioners. They can moderate temperature, so there isn’t much worry they’ll create inconsistent temperatures by running all of the time, or any very cold spots right near them. Therefore, you might find that your mini split runs much longer than you would expect an air conditioner to run. It might be off only 15 minutes every hour. But that is typically fine. 

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Inverted Mini Splits 

Inverted mini splits are another, more energy-efficient kind of mini split. They do not turn off at all. Instead, they run constantly, blowing air even when they have made your home the temperature that you set it to. These ductless mini splits are even more energy-efficient than other mini split systems. Their continuous running isn’t something to worry about unless you notice other issues with the unit. 

What I If I Want to Turn the Fan Off? 

If you have a typical (not an inverted) ductless mini split system, then you change the unit so that the fan does turn off when the ideal temperature is reached. It’s not in the settings or the owner’s manual, but it is in the installation guide. Your HVAC technician can change the setting for you if you’re not comfortable changing the installation settings. 

What If My Mini Split Has Changed? 

What if you know that your mini split is supposed to run for a long time, but it seems like it is running longer than it normally does? Or, what if you’re not sure if you have an inverted mini split that should be running constantly or not? Your HVAC technician can tell you what kind you have and how long your mini split should run for. 

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