How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps are a versatile, energy-saving option for seasonal heating and cooling of your home. They work by drawing heat energy out of the air in one location and transporting it to another. When used for home heating they draw heat energy from the outdoor air – even when the temperature is below 0°C! – and transfer it into your home.

When most people think of staying cool, they think of an air conditioner as their only choice. But with other options, such as a heat pump, homeowners can beat the heat while also saving both energy and money – and while that’s possible with certain types of air conditioners, products like ductless heat pumps and cold climate heat pumps may be a more viable option if you’re serious about decreasing both energy use and costs and, using one product to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

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When cooling your home with a heat pump, you will get the same effects as an air conditioner and a heater all in one convenient product. They provide space cooling and heating, and are best used in conjunction with your central furnace in order to be as economical as possible when in use. All in all, they’re a reliable choice for saving both money and energy for controlling the climate in your home.

Call us at Noll ClimateCare and our specialists will be happy to review your heating needs and the benefits of a heat pump system in your home. We can also provide service and maintenance for your existing equipment.

Heat Pump Brands available at Noll ClimateCare:
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