We can’t guarantee your furnace won’t break down, but we will guarantee you protection against the cost of most unexpected repairs – and long wait times. ClimateCare’s WeCare Maintenance Plan is the most comprehensive furnace and A/C maintenance plans available, ensuring the performance of your home equipment and providing the highest quality parts and labour!

We offer WeCare Maintenance Plans on the following services:


The WeCare Maintenance Plans

Our plans are all-encompassing and exceed all manufacturers’ warranties. When you subscribe to the WeCare Maintenance Plan you enjoy the following benefits:

WeCare Maintenance Plans

During the warranty period for your equipment, annual WeCare Maintenance keeps your HVAC system in tip-top shape and identifies small issues before they become big problems. Your monthly plan includes:

  • ANNUAL precision tune-ups
  • PRIORITY emergency service
  • NO after hour charges
  • REDUCED diagnostic fees
  • 20% DISCOUNT on repairs
  • 5% DISCOUNT on replacement equipment
  • FULLY QUALIFIED and licensed professional technicians.

Taking care of your home comfort system can be costly, especially if there is a problem. With a WeCare Maintenance Plan you avoid surprising bills for your repairs and take proactive steps to ensure the long-term health of your heating and cooling equipment.

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Here are 12 reasons why you should invest in a maintenance plan:

  • Prolong the life of your equipment
  • Service from Noll ClimateCare professionals
  • Easy payments
  • Minimize energy consumption through scheduled maintenance
  • Transferable to new home owners, should you sell your home
  • Reduce the likelihood of emergency calls
  • Planned Service Customer discounts
  • Professional service recommended by the manufacturer
  • Safe operation and inspections
  • Prompt Service
  • Comprehensive service records
  • Added Value; you pay no extra premium for emergency overtime
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Invest in our WECare Maintenance Plans

The WeCare Maintenance Plan not only gets you out of a no-heat or no-cool situation, it does more to ensure that you don’t get into one in the first place! With precision tune-ups as part of your plan, you ensure that Noll ClimateCare will call to schedule preventative maintenance for a time that is convenient for you. Let the WeCare Maintenance Plan be your best defence! Call Noll ClimateCare today to find out more!

The Noll ClimateCare WeCare Maintenance Plan delivers peace of mind knowing that your family will be comfortable all year long. For one low monthly payment that you choose, you can be worry-free knowing that you’re covered for all parts and labour and priority service if something goes wrong.

Contact Noll ClimateCare to find out about a HVAC system maintenance plan for your home.
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