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 Gas Fireplaces

Natural Gas Fireplaces are an effective heating system with the added pleasure of bright glow and flickering flames. There are three types of natural gas fireplaces you can choose for your home:

  • Fireplace inserts: If you already have a wood-burning fireplace, you can easily convert it to natural gas. Inserts fit into your existing fireplace and use your home’s existing chimney.
  • Direct vent fireplaces: These sealed units draw outside air in and don’t need a chimney or flue – They’re the ideal solution if you don’t have an existing chimney.
  • Freestanding fireplaces: These can be installed almost anywhere in your home, often with little or no renovation. And they’re another great option if you don’t have a chimney.
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Gas Fireplace Servicing

Like all of your appliances, regular service is important to ensure long life and good performance. Gas Fireplaces should be inspected and cleaned once a year.

  • Inserts
    Inserts are most commonly used in existing homes that have pre-existing wood burning fireplaces. The gas unit is inserted into the existing opening and gas and venting are connected to the insert. We finish off the fireplace with a custom enclosure plate.
  • Free-Standing Gas Fireplace
    These fireplaces look like your traditional wood burning stove that you might see in a cabin. They can be ornate with cast iron and enameled finish, or they might be made of steel with a pedestal bottom. They are commonly used in a room that needs supplemental heat, but doesn’t have an existing fireplace.
  • Zero-Clearance Gas Fireplace
    This fireplace is used commonly in new construction and for renovations where the homeowner wants a traditional looking fireplace that can have a mantel. They are called “zero-clearance” because the fireplace can be framed in with wood studs without having to provide clearance to combustibles.

To keep your new natural gas fireplace working safely and efficiently:

  • Have it serviced every year
  • Review your manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and use
  • Never leave children alone near a gas fireplace. Use a screen or protective barrier to keep them away from the glass
  • Do not place flammable materials near your fireplace
  • If your pilot light or flame goes out, follow the lighting steps in your manufacturer’s instructions
  • Ensure that your fireplace is turned completely off when not in use
  • Never wipe the glass of a hot fireplace with a damp cloth. It could cause the glass to crack
  • Never use a fireplace with cracked glass

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