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Home ventilation systems work to keep air flowing throughout your home. They regulate humidity levels and exhaust stale, polluted air to the outside.

Whole-house ventilators complement today’s tightly sealed homes which are designed to save energy by reducing the escape of air. They do this by continually replacing the entire volume of stale, contaminated indoor air with fresh outdoor air. They also help control humidity and dilute harmful gases, such as from insulation, press-wood furniture, carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, etc.

Recovery Ventilators

Whole-house ventilators, generally sold as heat-recovery ventilators (HRVs) or energy-recovery ventilators (ERVs), ensure no energy is wasted by extracting the heating or cooling you have put into your home’s climate before sending the air outdoors. In either case, the benefits they provide make it clear that a whole-house ventilator is crucial when it comes to ensuring that the stale air in your home is sent away and the indoors is safe to breathe.

We sell and service whole-house ventilators. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of proper ventilation for your home, a Noll ClimateCare expert can service your existing whole-house ventilator or help you choose the right ventilator air cleaner for your needs.  Call us today to request a quote today and find out why we’re a breath of fresh air!