Boilers deliver consistent warmth through a hot water distribution system, without the noise and draft of many forced-air systems. Advances during the past two decades mean new generations of energy-efficient boilers are available. They increase energy efficiency by reducing the amount of heated air that escapes, and by extracting more heat from combustion by-products before the by-products are vented.

What is a Boiler?

Boilers are appliances that heat water and distribute the water to piping under the floor or to radiators that are installed around the perimeter of the house. In older homes, the radiators may be large ornate cast-iron fixtures that deliver a warm, comfortable heat. In newer homes, the radiators are about the size of your baseboard and are usually located below the windows.

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When combined with other equipment, boilers can provide you with a virtually unlimited hot water supply or help heat your pool or spa. Perhaps now is the perfect time to upgrade to an energy-efficient boiler. Consider what you might save in heating costs throughout the life-span of your new equipment.

Or, you may want to have maintenance done on your current unit to optimize your energy savings. Either way, the experts at Noll ClimateCare are ready to help.

Hot water boiler brands available at Noll ClimateCare:
Navien brand for hot ester boilers in north bay
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Why Choose A Central Boiler From Noll ClimateCare?

We sell and service gas, electric and wood boilers, and offer affordable financing options. Our knowledgeable professionals can assist you in any of these areas and can review with you how best to put an energy-efficient boiler to work in your home.

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