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HEPA Filters

Many homeowners are aware of the effects that air pollution can have in their homes, but aren’t aware of the crucial role a HEPA filter can play in keeping it out.

High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting filters – or HEPA filters – are known world-wide for their unique filtration process. While it is true that many home heating and cooling systems come with a filter, these are included mainly to protect the equipment, not the people using it, and they do not effectively eliminate pollutants and contaminants. To truly keep air in a home clean, a proper filtration or purification system is required. A HEPA filter is one of the more efficient air cleaning products available for improving indoor air quality.

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The Problem With Air Polution

As your home is a closed environment, the air inside of it can often be more polluted than the air outside. This pollution can cause negative effects for the people living there, including:

  • Respiratory conditions
  • Bodily irritations
  • Illness
  • Disease

Air pollution can also be a problem for special treasures in your home such as extensive woodwork, antiques and artwork. A HEPA filter helps prevent these problems in an efficient manner and offers protection from the negative side effects of air pollution.

How a HEPA Filter Works

They have a three-stage filtration system that removes aggravating particles from the air such as dust, smoke, pollen, animal dander, and chemical odours and gases.

The HEPA three-stage filtration process:

  • A pre-filter that captures large particles such as dust
  • A second layer that traps 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns – approximately 0.000012 inches – and larger (dust, pollen, bacteria, animal dander, attached viruses, cigarette smoke and more)
  • Removal of odours and hazardous chemical by-products by a Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) filter

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