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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless and colourless gas that can be emitted from common household items.  It can easily rise to lethal levels in your home if you are not properly equipped to detect it. Carbon monoxide detectors are an important line of defense for the ones you love.

Where is Carbon Monoxide Found?

Although it can pose a more dangerous risk, carbon monoxide is like poor indoor air quality: you can’t see it but if it’s there, it’s a problem.

Carbon monoxide is present in several elements that you may use in your home every day, and can include:

  • Propane
  • Natural Gas
  • Gasoline
  • Wood
  • Heating Oil

It is also present in several other substances that are commonly found in homes. A carbon monoxide alarm is the only way to know for sure when there is a threat from any of these, and is the best way to ensure you’re kept safe day and night.

To effectively monitor carbon monoxide you need the correct number of sensors based on the size of your home, and the sensors must be consistently maintained. Our experts can help you be certain that you and your family are protected from deadly CO poisoning.