Good management of the temperature requires selecting the right thermostat

During summer and winter, it is important to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor temperature and there aren’t a multitude of ways to achieve the proper adjustment of your air conditioning or heating. The thermostat, invented in 1883 by Warren S. Johnson who founded Johnson Controls Inc. in 1885, quickly became popular and a necessity in every home.

Over the last decades, thermostat technology has evolved, and we now have a variety of models adopted to the needs of the modern consumer. Having a wide range of products to choose from is great, however, knowing which type of thermostat is right for your home and knowing how to use it correctly is very important.

Classic electronic thermostat

Easy to install, this new device which replaced its round dial ancestor, also called bi-metal or mechanical, is used mainly in homes and apartments with electric baseboard heating. Unlike the latter, known for being slow, inaccurate and expanding or contracting the metal in baseboards, the electronic thermostat is equipped with a pulse controller and gives continuous readings every 15 seconds. Thanks to this fast reaction, the difference between the ambient temperature and setpoint temperature is reduced, providing more comfort, as well as considerable energy and cost savings.

Programmable electronic thermostat

Generally, more expensive and harder to install, this type of thermostat offers better temperature control compared to a conventional thermostat. Thanks to the programming system, it is possible to pre-set temperatures for specific periods and thus to reduce energy consumption and costs. The use of a programmable thermostat offers many benefits:

  • Significant savings on your heating bill
  • Automatic setting of temperature-programmed for the entire house or by room according to the specific needs of occupants or according to a pre-set schedule

Smart, communicating thermostat

At the cutting edge of technology, this device revolutionized the older generation of thermostats. Most are designed for the control of forced-air central heating systems and heat pumps, however, some models on the market are designed only for baseboard heaters and convectors.

Equipped with home automation technology, the smart thermostat can automatically manage and control a heating system, air conditioner, humidifier or even a ventilation system, allowing homeowners easy access to remote functions.

If you plan to replace your thermostat with this new technology, be aware that the price is higher than a programmable electronic model but also that it offers a long list of interesting features.

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