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Lennox Comfort Controls

Lennox is proud to introduce thermostats that take comfort control to a whole new level. The precise, energy-saving control of Lennox thermostats combine Lennox innovation with the latest technology to provide customers with greater home comfort control from anywhere using a mobile device.

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iComfort – Lennox Comfort Controls

An iComfort thermostat can help control energy costs and improve the comfort of your home by controlling things like temperature, humidity and ventilation. It can also give a 7 day weather forecast, monitor temperature outside your home, and give performance report as well as alerts…right to your inbox!

From the efficient iComfort S30 ultra smart thermostat to the easy-to-use ComfortSenseCS7500 thermostat, Lennox combines innovation with the latest technology to give homeowners more home comfort control than ever before.

Lennox Comfort Controls Available at Noll ClimateCare

iComfort thermostats – have Wi-Fi capability that allows homeowners to adjust temperature settings from anywhere using a mobile device, with abilities ranging from auto away modes to email alerts.

  • Smart – S30, E30
  • Connected – Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Flex

ComfortSense thermostats – available with a touchscreen or button display panel, making programming an energy-saving schedule easy!

  • Programmable – CS7500, CS5500, CS3000

Thermostat Brands available at Noll ClimateCare: